Thursday, August 30, 2007

Eye of the Beholder by Shari Shattuck

Eye of the Beholder
Shari Shattuck
Signet – New American Library
September 4, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-451-22199-5

Relocating to a quiet suburb outside of Los Angeles should have brought a feeling of peace to successful business owner Greer Sands. Instead, her psychic senses are working overtime, but not revealing the answers she needs. When her son, Joshua, begins to show signs of his own ability, Greer does all she can to ease him into embracing his gift. The feelings Greer gets are dark in nature, and she’s certain that something evil is lurking in her new neighborhood. Someone isn’t what they seem.

When Joshua’s friend Joy disappears, his new gift grows stronger. As hints of where Joy is surface in visions, Joshua works harder than ever to accept what’s happening to him and discern the meaning of each image he sees. Time is running out for Joy and if Joshua can’t decipher the clues soon it may be too late to save her.

Eye of the Beholder is a riveting suspense. It took a tragic lesson for Greer to learn not to ignore her psychic feelings. Now she’s committed to making it as easy as she can for Joshua before he too learns the hard way. The tension continues to build as each piece of possible evidence is revealed in Ms. Shattuck’s well-crafted suspense. The line-up of potentially guilty characters expands throughout and will keep readers reevaluating the neighbors at every turn in the story. An intense and thoroughly engrossing read.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Riding the Storm by Sydney Croft

Riding the Storm
ACRO series, Book 1
Sydney Croft
Delta – Bantam Dell
August 28, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-385-34080-9

Haley Holmes is a parameteorologist working for ACRO. She’s been sent undercover to evaluate Remy; a man they believe possesses the ability to control the weather. If they’re correct, the goal is to get Remy to sign on with ACRO where he can be trained to better control his talents. Haley’s job is to convince Remy that the people she works for have his best interests at heart, and she’ll use everything she’s learned to gain his trust. What she doesn’t take into account is the instant attraction she has for the powerful man or what that might mean for their future.

Remy Begnaud has just left the Navy SEALs after eight years and returned home to see his father. What he finds is a naked woman in his shower who claims to have rented the place from Remy senior. Trust doesn’t come easy, and Remy’s sure that Haley is up to more than checking out the strange local weather. When she finally comes clean about her mission it could be too little, too late. Caught between two groups who eagerly want the use of his abilities, Remy will have to fight for control and come to terms with Mother Nature if there’s any chance of coming out alive.

Riding the Storm is a sizzling paranormal thrill ride. Haley’s trained and confident in her mission, but when the lustful storm known as T-Remy blows in through the door everything changes. In this erotic paranormal tale, Sydney Croft builds an intriguing and detailed world drenched in the supernatural. Lust satisfies the need, passion fuels the want, but only a love filled heart will bring control. This fascinating group of characters will leave readers with plenty to look forward to in the next installment of the ACRO series.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Hunting the Demon by Jaci Burton

Hunting the Demon
Demon Hunters, Book 2
Jaci Burton
A Dell Book – Bantam Dell
August 28, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-440-24336-6

Shay Pearson is a demon hunter with her sights set on Nic Diavolo, a man suspected of being a demon. Working alongside fellow hunters, like Nic’s brother Derek, they’ve spent the last month tracking Nic’s movements around Sydney. When the time comes, it’s Shay’s job to lure him in. Something she’s not really comfortable with, because Nic isn’t like the others and she’s sure he’s still on the side of good.

Dominic Diavolo is living life to its fullest, but the nightmares he has are growing more intense each day. Working for his father in the diamond business has kept him away from home and beyond the dark influence awaiting him. It seems that Nic has little idea of the role that the Lords of the Sons of Darkness have in store for him. When he discovers the dark lurking within, it’s Shay and the hunters whose strength he’ll need to anchor him in the light.

Hunting the Demon is the second book in the Demon Hunters series and can easily be read as a stand alone. For Shay and Nic the connection is there from the moment they meet and continues to grow quickly as the story progresses. Wickedly sexy and flowing with action-packed adventure, Ms. Burton pens another scorching read in paranormal romance. Lust, love and a gorgeous man fighting his dark side will keep readers riveted. The introduction of new characters will fuel the interest in the next in this compelling series.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Monday, August 27, 2007

Witch in the House by Jenna McKnight

Witch in the House
Witches of West Bluff, Book 1
Jenna McKnight
Avon Books – Harper Collins
September 25, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-06-084369-4

Jade Delarue prefers that her guests at Mystic Manor make arrangements in advance, but when she gets an unexpected visit from two men looking for rooms she gives in and allows them to stay. Problem is, Jade has cast a spell for love and now she’s afraid that Mason is under its influence. With a bit of help from her friends, Jade is doing everything in her power to reverse what she’s done and send him away. She just hopes she’s doing the right thing.

Mason Kincaid was already having a bad week before he sobered up to icy temperatures. When his business partner, Anthony, drags him off on an undercover assignment Mason finds himself spending much of his time with a camera in his hand and freezing out in the snow. The last thing Mason needs right now is a new relationship, but Jade could be exactly what he wants in a woman. Now he’s wondering if she’ll even speak to him once she learns the truth.

Witch in the House is the first book in the Witches of West Bluff series. It’s been six years since Jade’s husband went missing along with the husbands of her two closest friends. It’s time to move on with life and meeting Mason may be exactly what Jade needs, but secrets have a way of being revealed at the worst possible time, and Mason is going to have a lot of explaining to do. Spells, jilted lovers and romance fill the pages of Ms. McKnight’s magical story. Amazingly witty, this adventure in love and witchcraft will have readers laughing from the first page.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Dream Thief by Shana Abé

The Dream Thief
Thief Trilogy, Book 2
Shana Abé
Bantam Books – Random House, Inc.
August 28, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-553-58805-7

The Draumr, a diamond that can enslave the drákon, has sung to Lia since she was a child. Now its call is leading her to the Carpathian Mountains. Along with the talent of shifting into smoke and dragon, some of the drákon have other Gifts and Lia’s is to see the future in dreams. The dreams are telling her that her future is with Zane, but it’s not the kind of happy future she’d like to see. In fact, her dreams tell of the harm that could come from Lia’s association with Zane. She has to get to the diamond before Zane has a chance to, or the future of her race will be a dark one.

When Zane, a talented thief, agrees to travel in search of a diamond wanted by the Langfords, he doesn’t expect the appearance of their daughter by his side. Still, he has a better chance of finding the diamond with Lia to help guide the way. He’s sure she’s hiding something from him, something she knows from her dreams, but there’s no convincing her to share that knowledge. As they grow closer to the Draumr their survival is tested, but there’s nothing short of their deaths that will stop them now. The fate of the drákon’s will soon be in their hands.

The Dream Thief is the second book in the Thief Trilogy. Lia’s family believes she has been given none of the Gifts that being a drákon brings, but she’s about to prove them wrong. Zane and Lia team up to retrieve the Draumr before someone gains the ability to enslave the entire drákon race. This fantasy filled historical will enchant readers and whisk them away on dragon scaled wings. Passion and romance grow steadily as Ms. Abé creates a vividly detailed and captivating tale. A fantastical world that readers will anticipate visiting again soon.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Crashing Paradise: A Novel of the Menagerie by C. Golden & T. Sniegoski

Crashing Paradise: A Novel of the Menagerie
The Menagerie, Book 4
Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski
Ace – Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
August 28, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-441-01532-0

The Devourer is coming and Eve, the mother of humanity, has been captured by an evil force intent on entering Eden. Cast out of the garden and tainted by Abaddon, Eve has sought forgiveness for her sins. She’s done her best to eliminate the evil that she herself began, but even that cannot cleanse Eve’s contaminated blood. Abaddon and the army of evil he has gathered plan to use Eve to gain entrance to the forbidden paradise. If they succeed in breaching the Gate, Eve knows that the only hope is the Menagerie, and they’re running out of time.

Arthur Conan Doyle is the sorcerer who leads the Menagerie, a group of supernatural beings willing to put aside their differences for the good of the world. When the reason for Eve’s capture becomes clear, the Menagerie uses everything within their grasp to get to Eden and prevent the evil from taking over the garden. Gaining entrance through the Gate and defending the paradise sends the team right into a deadly battle. As the Menagerie use their skills against the dark forces, they know that failure to preserve Eden and the Tree of Knowledge will signal a dark change for the future of mankind.

Crashing Paradise is the fourth book in The Menagerie series. Eve has spent a lot of time wandering the world alone for her sins and now the one place she thought never to see again needs her protection. Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski weave an intriguingly dark and entertaining fantasy wrapped in a smooth flowing plot, action-packed scenes and fabulous detail. This wicked war between good and evil leaves a bloody trail in its wake and beckons readers for a return visit to the world of the Menagerie.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Friday, August 17, 2007

Heart of Stone by C.E. Murphy

Heart of Stone
The Negotiator Trilogy, Book 1
C. E. Murphy
November 1, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-373-80292-0

Jogging through Central Park after dark isn’t the smartest of plans, but Margrit Knight is an attorney for the Legal Aid office and working long hours leaves little time to unwind with a run. When she’s approached by a man, and later learns he’s wanted for questing in a murder, she shares what little she knows with Tony, her detective boyfriend. When Margrit next sees the stranger he’s asking for her help to clear his name. It’s not long before she finds herself the target of someone powerful enough to ensure her silence. She’s never been one to back down, so Margrit plows ahead in search of justice for her growing list of clients. Her journey into a world that few know exists has just begun.

From one of the Old Races, Alban Korund is a gargoyle. He’s alive by night and solid as stone when dawn arrives. He’s been watching after Margrit’s safety for years, and just when he finds the nerve to speak to her, his world is turned upside down. Framed for murder, he pleads with Margrit for her help. Someone from his past is out to destroy him and innocents are paying the price. Alban’s only hope is discovering the truth before Margrit becomes the next victim.

Heart of Stone is the first book in The Negotiator Trilogy. There are five of the Old Races remaining, and Margrit is on a quest for justice that will plunge her into their world. Well-paced with a compelling storyline, Ms. Murphy fills the pages with a fascinating new reality for her heroine. The action, adventure and delicious touch of passion are sure to captivate readers and have them watching for Margrit’s next quest for justice in this fabulous new trilogy.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

The Devil's Right Hand by Lilith Saintcrow

The Devil’s Right Hand
Dante Valentine, Book 3
Lilith Saintcrow
Orbit – Hachette Book Group
September 1, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-316-02142-5

Being a Necromance and a demon’s hedaira gives Dante Valentine a bit of an edge with increased strength and power, but when she’s dealing with the Devil it’s never enough. Lucifer himself has a job for her to do; he needs a new Right Hand. With Japhrimel by her side, Dante bargains with the Prince of Hell and is sent to destroy four Greater Flight demons. She’s now tied to the Devil, and it seems he has little intention of holding up his end of the agreement by keeping her alive. If they can survive this, then maybe they’ll have a chance.

Tierce Japhrimel is an A’nankhimel, a fallen demon who has tied himself to Dante. He too has bargained with Lucifer, but he still remains a fallen. His sole purpose is Dante’s protection, and he plans to keep her alive with or without her agreement. As Japh assembles a team to aide in the search for the demons, their fight to fulfill their deal begins. When you’re dealing with the Devil each day can feel like an eternity.

The Devil’s Right Hand is the third book in the Dante Valentine series. Having been betrayed by nearly everyone she’s trusted, putting her faith in Japhrimel is not an easy task for Dante. As the oldest son, and previous assassin for Lucifer, Japh has given up everything for the love of Dante and needs for her to believe in him. Together they’re a powerful team, but Dante’s inner battle with doubt puts a strain on their relationship and leaves her open to dangers that she alone won’t live to tell about. With the introduction of fascinating new characters, Ms. Saintcrow moves the series forward with a dangerous new task for Dante. The action is fueled by unpredictable danger at every turn, and the mounting secrets lend a volatile element to this mysterious tale. To really enjoy the full impact of the Dante Valentine series, and the relationship between Dante and Japhrimel, I would strongly suggest reading the two previous books.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Fever Series, Book 1
Karen Marie Moning
August 28, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-440-24098-3

After MacKayla Lane is told that her sister has been murdered she finds herself on a flight to Dublin in search of a killer. It’s not long before Mac realizes that things aren’t always what they seem, herself included. Drawn into a world where shadows can kill and the beautiful people aren’t really beautiful or human at all, Mac teams up with Jericho Barrons to pursue the Sinsar Dubh, a book that holds deadly magic within its pages. There are other Fae relics to be hunted, some of which enable the Sinsar Dubh to be deciphered and in the wrong hands could mean the end of the world as they know it. That’s something they can’t allow to happen.

Jericho Barrons is a wealthy man with his own reasons to search for the Sinsar Dubh. For the most part he keeps those reasons to himself, but his reason for helping Mac is a clear one. As a Sidhe-seer, Mac can see through the glamour used by Sidhe as well as detect when one of them, or their relics, are nearby. A handy talent for a man like Barrons to have at his disposal, and luckily for Mac it means someone watching her back.

Darkfever takes readers on a journey into the magical and often dark world of the Fae. Mac is determined to make someone pay for her sister’s death and Jericho Barrons is just the man to help her. With the first book in the Fever series, Ms. Moning builds a strong paranormal world where desires can be influenced, shadows are often deadly, beauty is an illusion and reality for some is a nightmare. A first rate thrill ride into the mysterious Dark Zones, a place where death and destruction reign.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Séance by Heather Graham

The Séance
Heather Graham
Mira Books
September 25, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-7783-2465-2

After the loss of her grandmother, Christina Hardy moves into the home she spent so much time in as a child. At her housewarming party with the group of friends and cousins she grew up with, the talk soon turns to a recent murder that appears to be the work of the Interstate Killer, a man who has been dead for years. When her friend Ana finds an old Ouija board among the boxes strewn around the house she convinces everyone to have a little fun. That’s where things get strange and Christina eventually has to face the fact that the ghost of the presumed murderer, Beau Kidd, is haunting her house. The murders are scary enough, but Christina fits the murderer’s choice of victims and every minute that he’s on the loose her life is in danger.

Though he’s now an author and occasional P.I., Jed Braden was once a cop. When a body surfaces that looks like the work of the Interstate Killer, Jed can’t help getting involved with the case. It’s a case he’s familiar with since he researched it for a book, and though it was a work of fiction it still implied that the murderer was Beau Kidd, the lead detective on the original case. As the murders continue and it becomes clear that it’s not a copycat, Jed finds himself having to believe in Beau Kidd’s innocence. Now he’s praying they can stop the true killer before he loses anyone else he cares about.

The Séance is a chilling murder mystery that pulls reader’s in from the first page. Christina and Jed have each suffered the loss of loved ones in their lives and learned to survive. As the murders increase around them and they loose people they know, their search for the truth turns desperate and the connection they share as friends grows and deepens. With just the right mix of interesting characters, mounting mystery and steamy romance, Ms. Graham delivers a ghostly tale of dark desires that’s sure to entertain.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Friday, August 10, 2007

Dancing With Werewolves by Carole Nelson Douglas

Dancing With Werewolves
Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator, Book 1
Carole Nelson Douglas
Juno Books
October 1, 2007
ISBN# 978-0809572038

The Millennium Revelation changed life as humankind knew it. With the change came supernaturals that were considered myth, and creatures that had previously only been conjured up in dreams were now living among the general population. Delilah Street is a television reporter in Kansas investigating the odd and ongoing changes that have continued since the Revelation. When Del catches what appears to be her twin on a popular television show and her life takes a drastic turn for the worst, she finds herself in her black Caddy, Dolly, on the road to Las Vegas pursuing a lead.

Vegas is filled with an array of supernaturals that Del wasn’t exposed to in Kansas, and not all of them are happy to see her. When she meets the handsome ex-FBI agent, Ric Montoya, their connection is immediate. Together they uncover the burial site of a couple long since forgotten and begin an investigation to identify them.

With her dog Quicksilver, the help and hints she gets from her new employer, Hector Nightwine, and the contacts from his CinSim major domo, Godfrey, she plows ahead into the unknown. Someone doesn’t want the identity of the dead couple coming to light, and they’ll do whatever it takes to stop Del from finding out the truth. It’s a good thing Snow, a man she can’t quite define, gave her such an odd familiar because without it she might not survive.

Dancing With Werewolves is the first book in the Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator series. Delilah is a heroine fighting the ghosts of her past as she embarks on a new life filled with danger at every turn. The instant bond Del and Ric share burns with passion, and goes deeper than either of them imagined. With a brilliant eye for detail, Ms. Nelson Douglas demonstrates her creative talents with a captivating storyline and some of the most unique supporting characters around. This is truly a fantastic start to a series that paranormal romance readers are sure to enjoy.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesday Night Witches by Lee Nichols

Wednesday Night Witches
Lee Nichols
Red Dress Ink - Harlequin
August 1, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-373-89554-0

When Eve Crenshaw leaves her boyfriend behind in Manhattan and runs to her old college roommate living on Broome Isle, she doesn’t expect to be there long. Sure that Gregory will see the error of his ways and plead for her return, Eve is shocked when he calls to get an address where he can send her belongings. Deciding to make a new life with support from her old friend Natasha and new friend Kim, she secures a teaching job at the island’s elementary school, rents a cottage from Kim and tries to settle in. That’s easier said than done for a city girl. Calling themselves the Wednesday Night Witches, the ladies set out to enjoy one evening each week that’s just for them.

When bad weather keeps them in for their weekly get-together, Eve is in Kim’s cellar proving there’s nothing to be afraid of when she stumbles upon a bottle of what they assume is alcohol. Deciding to try it out, they take the time to share a personal wish. Come morning they’re waking up oddly disoriented without much memory of the night before, but they feel too good for it to be a hang-over. As each wish mysteriously comes true, it seems that everything else on the island is going terribly wrong. They have to banish the trouble they’ve unleashed, but in doing so the Witches hope that what they’ve each gained in happiness won’t be ripped away from them as well.

Wednesday Night Witches is an island escape with a magical twist. Eve is an easy character to relate to with her daydreaming and future plans in finding the right man to grow old with. Life changes quickly when the hopes and dreams that she and her friends wish for begin to come true. Ms. Nichols tells a wickedly fun and romantic tale that’s liberally sprinkled with a tainted touch of magic. Well detailed in both character and scenery, this humorous read will keep you guessing along with the Witches until the very end.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Devil You Know by Mike Carey

The Devil You Know
Mike Carey
Hachette Book Group USA
July 10, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-446-58030-4

Felix Castor, Fix to his friends, worked as an exorcist in London until a demon wormed its way into his friend Rafi and Fix failed to exorcise it. Now Fix is trying to leave his career behind and takes on work as the magic act for a children’s party. When things go less than smoothly, he finds himself saying yes to a case of ghost hunting that he knows he shouldn’t. Warned that he’s taking on more than he can handle doesn’t slow Fix down, instead he dives headlong into the mysterious haunting at the Bonnington Archive.

Fix knows there’s a connection between the Archive and some of the local bad guys when he finds himself in life threatening danger. Being seduced and nearly killed by a succubus is a big hint for Fix that someone would rather see him dead than have him discover their secrets, but he has no intention of stopping now. As the pieces begin to fall into place Fix realizes that someone among the living is torturing the dead woman, and he won’t dispatch the ghost before he sets her free from the pain binding her to the Archive.

The Devil You Know is a thrill ride from start to finish. Equipped with his talent and the tool of his craft, a tin whistle, Fix takes on everything aimed in his direction. Mr. Carey sets the monsters loose and sends a capable but decidedly reluctant hero to rein them in. With a fantastic storyline that’s based in a world where supernatural beings are no longer myth, readers are taken on an engaging journey filled with dark intent and multifaceted mystery at every turn. Fix is realistic, delightfully witty and possesses a boyish charm that will keep readers wondering what he’s planning next.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Real Vamps Don't Drink O-Neg by Tawny Taylor

Real Vamps Don’t Drink O-Neg
Tawny Taylor
Kensington Books
August 28, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-7582-1509-3

Sophie Hahn is worried about her friend Dao. After a few months of marriage to Lisse, he is working like a fiend and getting sicker by the day. Her boss, Tim, investigates the paranormal for a living and he seems to believe that Dao is dying quickly and it’s Lisse who’s responsible. Meeting up with Ric at the library was just what Sophie needed, because with someone knowledgeable on her side she may be able to save Dao before his time runs out. Problem is, Ric has his own agenda and Sophie can’t be sure whose side he’s on.

Ric Vogel is a biology professor at the local university, and a centuries old vampire as well. Borrowing a book from the library, he meets Sophie. When they appear to be researching the same subject Ric can’t resist spending more time with her by offering to share the book. A partnership is formed and their search begins, but Ric is holding on to some secrets that could destroy their fragile alliance. In the end Ric will have to make some big decisions that could not only change his future, but it could alter the future of his people forever.

Real Vamps Don’t Drink O-Neg heats up the pages in this sexy as sin paranormal romance. Sophie is an honest young woman desperately trying to save her best friend’s life when Ric enters the picture and turns her life upside down. Ms. Taylor pens a fabulously entertaining tale of friendship, love and deception. With an intriguing plot, engaging characters and passionate love scenes, this story has it all.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Friday, August 3, 2007

Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Garey

Dead Girls Are Easy
Terri Garey
Avon Books – Harper Collins
August 28, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-06-113615-3

Nicki Styx experiences death for a brief time and walks away with a new ability. Unfortunately it’s an ability that is causing her more trouble than she ever could have dreamed of when the dead decide she’s there to help. Forced into helping what appears to Nicki to be an evil spirit of a former friend, she finds herself being drawn further into the world of voodoo. If she doesn’t do as it asks or figure a way to rid herself of the duppy, it will go after those she loves and come back for her when it’s through.

Dr. Joe Bascombe tried to bring Nicki back when her heart stopped, but it wasn’t really his hand that did the job. Drawn to Nicki on many levels, Joe wants more than just a casual doctor and patient relationship with her. Intrigued by near death experiences, he asks Nicki to participate in a study that would enable him to spend more time with her. Genuinely concerned about her bizarre actions Joe keeps her close, but he’s keeping a few secrets from Nicki that could shock her more than seeing dead people has.

Dead Girls Are Easy is a slightly dark and delightfully entertaining paranormal. Nicki is witty, feisty and an all around enjoyable character to spend time with. Ms. Garey starts off her new paranormal series with a well-built world and a wonderfully diverse cast of characters. The intriguing storyline has quick action with sweet romance, and will leave readers anxiously awaiting Nicki’s next contact with the other side.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

The Gold Covenant by Roberta Clark

The Gold Covenant
Roberta Clark
Medallion Press, Inc.
March 2007
ISBN# 978-1933836010

Katherine Nikulasson is a journalist who’s dealing with the loss of her father, Gustav, a historian and archaeologist. Reported to have been killed in a plane crash, Katherine seeks more information on what his latest project was and why she’s been unable to find his paperwork on it. Gustav’s longtime friend and associate, Sheppard Wilde, seems to be her best bet for the answers she seeks. A trip to Sheppard’s estate in England quickly turns life threatening, and it’s not long before Katherine finds herself the unwilling guest of Enrique Quisette, an art smuggler. Katherine is about to have all of her questions answered, but that information comes with a price. It’s a price she won’t want to pay.

Sheppard Wilde is trying to keep his word on protecting an ancient treasure. When he invites Katherine to his home he fails to consider the trouble that follows close behind. Quisette, the man who has taken her, is a ruthless smuggler who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Sheppard knows that time is running out on Katherine’s life, and without a rescue she’ll have no chance of survival.

The Gold Covenant is a fast moving adventure that provides plenty of twists and turns along the way. Katherine is whisked away from one country to the next as Sheppard tries to get to her before time runs out. Ms. Clark weaves an intriguing tale for her characters in this wonderfully detailed journey. The action will keep readers on the edge of their seats, and the mystery of what awaits Katherine makes this book a thrill ride that’s riveting to the end.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Many Bloody Returns - Anthology

Many Bloody Returns (Anthology)
Tales of Birthdays with Bite
Edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner
ACE – The Berkley Publishing Group
September 4, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-441-01522-1

Dracula Night by Charlaine Harris shares a tense night at Fangtasia as Sookie Stackhouse and her supernatural friends celebrate with a birthday bash for Dracula.

The Mournful Cry of Owls by Christopher Golden is Donika’s sixteenth birthday and a night for revealing a past secret that leads to a surprising future.

I Was a Teenage Vampire by Bill Crider tells the tale of how Carlton’s young life changed the night of his sister’s birthday party.

Twilight by Kelley Armstrong takes Cassandra DuCharme on the yearly hunt she needs to extend her vampiric life.

It’s My Birthday Too by Jim Butcher follows Harry Dresden and his assistant to deliver a birthday present when things turn dark and dangerous.

Grave Robbed by P. N. Elrod has PI Jack Flemming intervening when a woman is desperate to contact her deceased husband and the séance appears to be a con.

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life by Rachel Caine is Eve’s eighteenth birthday in Morganville, and the night she’s expected to sign away her future.

The Witch and the Wicked by Jeanne C. Stein brings Sophie to the Deveraux home where she caters a vampire’s birthday filled with surprises.

Blood Wrapped by Tanya Huff has Henry on the hunt for Vicki’s birthday present when he’s influenced to do a good deed.

The Wish by Carolyn Haines shares Sandra’s forty-third birthday and the painful tale that leads her to live and die on her own terms.

Fire and Ice and Linguini for Two by Tate Hallaway celebrates Sebastian’s birthday with more surprises than Garnet had planned for the evening.

Vampire Hours by Elaine Viets is Katherine’s birthday to face the reality of her current life and make the decision to have the future she dreams of.

How Stella Got Her Grave Back by Toni L. P. Kelner travels along with Stella and Mark as they set out to solve the mystery of a Jane Doe.

Many Bloody Returns is a carefully crafted anthology that envelopes readers in the dark and often humorous world of the paranormal. A fabulously fun visit with the characters, both old and new, of some of the best paranormal fiction authors in print today.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Be Still My Vampire Heart by Kerrelyn Sparks

Be Still My Vampire Heart
Love at Stake, Book 3
Kerrelyn Sparks
Avon Books – Harper Collins
March 27, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-06-111844-9

Emma Wallace is working for the Stake-Out team, part of the CIA. Dedicated to killing the monsters that murdered her parents, Emma believes that all vampires are evil. Meeting Angus MacKay is an eye-opening experience, but the handsome Scotsman has a long way to go in convincing Emma to let go of living her life for revenge. Slaying has been a solitary activity, but now that she has Angus and his men shadowing her every move, Emma might have to reconsider everything she thought she knew about the creatures who stalk the night.

Angus MacKay is the kilt wearing owner of MacKay Security and Investigation. In his many years as a vampire he has worked for some very high profile people such as the Queen, to the most powerful and wealthiest vampire on the East Coast, Roman Dragonesti. When Angus meets Emma, the slayer who has nearly started a war in the vampire community, he sets out to convince her that he’s a trustworthy man with only her safety in mind. Just as Angus thinks he has a chance with Emma, a bitter enemy from his past unveils her own plan for revenge and could destroy every bit of trust he’s worked so hard to earn.

Be Still My Vampire Heart is the third installment in the Love at Stake series, and can also be read as a stand alone book. Angus has his work cut out for him as he takes on Emma, the feisty slayer who quickly fills his thoughts. Ms. Sparks artfully blends revenge, humor and delicious sex appeal as she unleashes her characters in this well imagined world.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thin Air by Rachel Caine

Thin Air
Weather Wardens, Book Six
Rachel Caine
ROC – New American Library
August 7, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-451-46163-6

Joanne Baldwin wakes up naked and battling frostbite in a forest. Disoriented and having no memory of her past, Joanne is naturally cautious when two men appear and offer her help. David, a Djinn and the lover she can’t remember, and Lewis, a strong Weather Warden who informs her that she can control the weather as well. Feeling lost and not at all safe, Joanne has little choice but to trust her saviors or freeze to death alone.

The Weather Wardens aren’t the only ones searching for Joanne, it seems she’s made a few enemies along the way and attracted the attention of those that would prefer to see her dead. Swiping one memory at a time, Joanne will have to fight to take back her life. With a demon that has its own agenda, the Djinn and Wardens near enemies and the Earth in trouble, Joanne’s time is running out quickly.

Thin Air is the sixth book in the Weather Warden series. Joanne has been through some difficult times since becoming a Weather Warden, but none have left her as lost and afraid as having her memories ripped from her. Ms. Caine’s brilliant world-building skills really shine in this series, and the intriguing plot makes it impossible to set down. A story filled with twists, turns and an absolutely scorching romance.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Poltergeist by Kat Richardson

A Greywalker Novel, Book 2
Kat Richardson
ROC – New American Library
ISBN# 978-0-451-46150-6

Harper Blaine isn’t your average Seattle PI, she’s a Greywalker. After a brush with death Harper gained the ability to walk both sides of the line that divides the mortal world from the Grey world beyond. Now most of her cases include a touch of the paranormal. Her latest client, Professor Tuckman, is heading a research group at the local university. The project’s goal was to create an artificial poltergeist from their combined will. When the results begin escalating Tuckman thinks that one of the participants is faking the results. What Harper finds when she investigates the claim is something entirely different.

When one of Tuckman’s group is found dead in a way that the police can’t explain, Harper finds herself being drawn ever deeper into the bizarre mystery. Following threads into the Grey, Harper can track down the paranormal entity they call Celia, but she has little idea what to do from there. As the activity continues to increase in strength and violence, Harper seeks advice from friends who are better versed in the paranormal. As a last resort she meets with Carlos, a vampire who leaves her shaking but owes her favors. Harper knows that if Carlos can’t help then there’s little hope for anyone who crosses the murderer’s path.

Poltergeist is the second book in the Greywalker series. Harper is an intelligent, witty and all-around likeable character who sweeps readers up into the excitement of her adventures. Ms. Richardson weaves a compelling mystery filled with danger, non-stop action and a whole lot of surprises. A paranormal tale sure to capture the reader’s attention and leave them eager for the next of Harper’s escapades.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

Kitty Takes a Holiday - Contest Winner!

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