Sunday, June 10, 2007

Burning Bridges by Laura Anne Gilman

Burning Bridges
Laura Anne Gilman
LUNA – Harlequin Books
June 2007

Wren Valere is a Talent, someone labeled other than human with the ability to channel current. Making an income as a Retriever, Wren locates and brings in that which her clients have paid for. Her partner, Sergei, sets up the agreements and researches the jobs. There’s much more to their relationship now, and what Wren shares with him may very well be causing Sergei harm. There’s a war brewing, and as the variety of nonhuman Fatae murdered expands to include all magic users, the Fatae and lonejack communities come together as an organized group. Taking a united stand in an attempt to stop the killings, their efforts may be the end of them all.

Sergei Didier is a former member of the Silence, or as close to being separated from the group as he can get. Once a part of the group sworn to protecting humans, there is no real escaping, but Sergei has done his best to limit his contact with them. When his relationship with Wren grew from strictly professional to something more personal, his priorities changed. Marked as being caught somewhere in the middle between the Silence and those like Wren, it’s not an easy, or healthy, position to be in. With a battle raging, Sergei’s side has already been chosen, and that alone could cost him his life.

Burning Bridges is the fourth book in the Retrievers series and remains as wonderfully unique as the previous installments. Ms. Gilman has woven an exceptional world, unlike any other in her genre. Each character and group of beings has been developed with the same detailed care as the action-packed storyline. This intriguing series continues to draw readers in with Wren’s amazing and ever advancing journey, and will certainly leave you craving more of the same.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

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