Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dragon Heat by Allyson James

Dragon Heat
Allyson James
Berkley Sensation
July 03, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-425-21589-0

After an unpleasant divorce and the death of her grandmother, Lisa Singleton is finally getting her life back together. With her best friend Caleb, the beautiful golden dragon enslaved by witches to protect her, Lisa always has company at home. Still, she’s beginning to get lonely and missing the attentions of a man in her life. When a black dragon becomes a threat in her life, Caleb implores one of his captors to change him into a human male so he has a better chance of protecting Lisa. She does, at a great price to her own strength, leaving a gorgeous and gloriously naked male warrior in Lisa’s apartment. Together they fight the black dragon and witches who threaten to harm them, and continue to protect the orb whose presence has been kept secret for centuries. If the orb falls into the wrong hands and its immense power is used, it could mean the end of earth as well as Dragonspace.

Being forced into the role of protector would not have been a choice Caleb would make. Only a witch who knew his true dragon name could keep Caleb like a pet that’s made to follow orders. He would like nothing more than to be free from the witches, but only when none remain who know his true name can he enjoy that freedom. Dragons aren’t supposed to have emotions, but Caleb has developed them through the years. When Lisa comes into her powers and the threat to earth has been neutralized she may no longer need Caleb, and that heartbreak may be the one thing the strong warrior can’t survive.

Dragon Heat is a sizzling paranormal romance. Lisa and Caleb are fascinating characters thrust into a responsibility neither of them chose. Raising the stakes is a powerful witch who seeks more power at any cost, and a black dragon exiled on earth in human form who wants nothing more than to fly free in Dragonspace. Ms. James pens a riveting story that’s brimming with action, sinfully sexy characters and the beautiful gift of love. A magical and thoroughly enchanting read.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

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