Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Chick and the Dead by Casey Daniels

The Chick and the Dead
Casey Daniels
Avon Books
March 2007

Pepper Martin sees dead people. Things haven’t always been that way, but ever since she bumped her head in the cemetery she seems to be popular among the ghosts. With a temporary lay-off from her job as a tour guide at the cemetery, Pepper finds herself with another case to solve and the perfect job to help her along. When Didi Bowman materializes and asks Pepper to prove that her sister Merilee is not the author famous for So Far the Dawn, that it’s actually Didi’s work, Pepper would like to run in the opposite direction. Knowing first hand that ghosts won’t give up until they’ve gotten what they want, Pepper gets busy trying to find the proof she needs to prove Didi’s case and taking a position on Merilee’s staff is just the way to do it.

Quinn, the sexy Homicide detective, has plenty of questions for Pepper and clearly has more than a passing interest in getting to know her better. The mysterious Dan Callahan appears with cryptic messages, and having no real explanations he hastily disappears, leaving Pepper to wonder who or what he actually is.

The Chick and the Dead is book two in the Pepper Martin Mystery series. Ms. Daniels is definitely a hot new voice in paranormal mystery and this intriguing series is quickly gaining attention from readers of both genres. Well-written, the story unfolds at a comfortably steady pace and swiftly gains the reader’s attention with a captivating storyline and tantalizing characters.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

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