Sunday, May 6, 2007

Kitty Takes A Holiday by Carrie Vaughn

Kitty Takes a Holiday
Carrie Vaughn
Warner Books
April 2007

Kitty Norville hosts a radio show and happens to be a werewolf. She’s currently taking a break from her show and from life in general. Agreeing to write a book, Kitty finds a cabin in the mountains to suit her needs for some peace and solitude. When someone begins leaving sacrificed animals on her porch, Kitty figures the locals don’t want her around, but when Cormac shows up at the door with her injured lawyer Ben, things are turning downright ugly. Livestock are dying, someone is trying to curse her and Kitty has two arguing men to deal with, without having to worry about the evil that’s waiting for her out in the dark. When it finally makes its move, Kitty will fight with all she has, but sometimes even her wolf’s strength isn’t enough.

Cormac Bennett is a bounty hunter who spends his time tracking and killing the things that most people don’t believe in. When a particularly difficult case gets Ben injured, he goes to Kitty for help. With part of his case left unsolved, Ben barely alive, and Kitty’s life in danger, Cormac calls in a friend to help make sense of the evil that’s actively stalking them. Discovering what it is wasn’t so difficult, but actually finding a way to stop it will be something entirely different. They’re going to need a whole lot more than luck to survive this one.

Kitty Takes a Holiday is fantastically action filled as Kitty’s adventures continue. With some help from her friends, Kitty manages to find herself up against some of the darkest evil she has ever had to face. Ms. Vaughn has developed another fabulous edition in Kitty’s paranormal world. Running off at the mouth and flying by the seat of her pants, Kitty will catch readers up in the chaos that’s her life and keep them riveted until the end.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

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