Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beg for Mercy by Toni Andrews

Beg for Mercy
Toni Andrews
Mira Books
September 1, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-7783-2365-5

When Mercy Hollings gets angry, everyone around her, including her best friend, Sukey, is in danger of what she calls the “press”. She has the ability to bend the will of those around her and regardless of what she asks of them, they do it. It’s a talent that can come in handy with the new business in hypnotherapy that she’s opening. Sometimes a small press can go a long way.

Generally careful and in control, Mercy lets her irritation take over while dealing with Rocko, Sukey’s muscle bound boyfriend, and puts and end to their less than healthy relationship. It’s not long before Dominic, a man claiming to be Rocko’s cousin, comes around asking questions and it’s all Mercy can do to hold her own against the man.

With an assortment of friends by her side, including the new in town business owner Sam Falls, Mercy is forced to make a stand against the man threatening her and those she cares about. One way or another she’ll see that each of them comes out alive.

Beg for Mercy is a fast moving paranormal thriller. With a talent that sets her apart from the rest, Mercy thought she had distanced herself from the people around her, but just when she needs them most her friends prove her wrong. Ms. Andrews tells an intriguing tale with plenty of action and enough dark secrets to keep readers coming back for more. I look forward to learning more about Mercy and her friends in the next installment of this entertaining new series.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


Toni Lea Andrews said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Mercy! I'm working on Book Three in the series right now. Here's a hint: You're going to be seeing a lot more of Tino!

Kimberly Swan said...

Hi Toni...
I was so happy I came across a blurb for Beg for Mercy! That's great...I'm looking forward to reading the next one in the series. It's great to hear that you're already working on book 3! :) Mercy really does gain a fun group of friends, and you can't help but like Tino. :)
Kimberly Swan