Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gossamer Hall by Erin Samiloglu

Gossamer Hall
Erin Samiloglu
Medallion Press
October 1, 2007
ISBN# 978-1932815-89-4

As a young boy Juan Fuentes discovered he had a special talent. He could ‘make’ things with just a thought, a gift that disturbed his mother to the point that she sent Juan to live with his Nana. Ten years later he is grown, hiding his talent and attending Brookhaven College where he’s taking a night class with Dr. Killian Hastings, in Gossamer Hall. The professor is an expert on the nineteenth century murderers, Mack “Mad” Maron, and his cousins. He has something very special in mind for this evening’s class, but little does he know that things won’t go nearly as planned.

What Hastings wants from Juan is the map, because somehow he knows that Juan is capable of making it. What he gets instead is Mad Maron and his accomplices, all ready for a little retaliation for their deaths and willing to make sure that everyone inside Gossamer Hall pays the price. As the night wears on earth quakes begin toppling the building a section at a time, the students are trapped and the undead corpses of Maron and his henchmen begin picking them off one at a time.

Gossamer Hall is suspense filled horror. For Juan Fuentes and the others within Gossamer Hall, their night class is about to turn into a dark and deadly lesson. Ms. Samiloglu creates a nightmarish combination of greed and the darker side of paranormal for her characters, and adds a bit of romance to soften the harshness of death. This is a fast paced horror that has a number of surprises along the way. While there is of course violence, the blood and gore facet of the story was much less shocking than I had expected. The author relied on the past and present fears of her characters, and used it as a perfect tool to add detail and to keep readers firmly engaged. The story ends with a bizarre twist that will leave readers with even more to think about.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

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