Thursday, April 17, 2008

Call of the Highland Moon by Kendra Leigh Castle

Call of the Highland Moon
Kendra Leigh Castle
Sourcebooks – Casablanca
May 1, 2008
ISBN# 978-1-4022-1158-4

Gideon MacInnes is a werewolf who thought life was passing him by. In line to be pack Alpha, Gideon flees his home in the Highlands of Scotland and travels to some of the largest cities across the U.S. before stopping in upstate New York. A pack of strange werewolves have followed him there, most likely sent by his scheming cousin Malachi. They viciously attack, but Gideon manages to hold his own through the fight. Injured and bleeding in the aftermath, he follows a sweet scent and collapses at the door of a small bookshop.

Carly Silver owns Bodice Rippers and Baubles, a bookstore she purchased with an inheritance from a great-aunt. After her book club meeting winds down and her guests have left, Carly hears scratching and finds what appears to be a wounded dog at the door. With a storm brewing, Carly takes the animal home, fixes him up and leaves him to sleep in a comfortable pile of blankets. When she wakes her furry houseguest is gone and a naked man is beside her in bed.

Gideon returns to his family and pack with an injured Carly, and as moonrise approaches he must face a long forgotten evil. While it’s part of their heritage, little is known of the Stone of Destiny that they guard. Gideon must follow through with his duty to protect it, even if it’s at the cost of losing the woman he loves.

Sweeping readers along from upstate New York to the Scottish Highlands, Call of the Highland Moon tells a werewolf tale with a mysterious origin. Ms. Castle develops likeable characters, adds danger-filled mystery to a steamy romance, and keeps reader’s interest to the revealing end.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


Anonymous said...

Sounds good. I don't know if I should love you for the great books you're constantly bringing to my attention or hate you for all the money that I don't have you're FORCING me to spend. LOL

Wendy said...

Ooooh, I like the cover! and the story sounds interesting so i'm adding it to my wish list, great review, Kimberly! :)

Kimberly Swan said...

SCooper - Even with all that I review, I still buy too many books too. I wouldn't be nice not to have anything new to read. *grin*

Wendy - A werewolf tale with a bit of a unique background. Thanks, glad to see you getting a break from study and tests. :)

Unknown said...

I really should buy this since the name of my store is Highland Moon!
I'm not into werewolves though, but I sure love the cover of the book.

Kimberly Swan said...

Nice name! It's a good story too, you might end up a fan of werewolf tales yet. :)