Friday, August 15, 2008

Hungry for More by Diana Holquist

Hungry for More
Diana Holquist
Grand Central
August 26, 2008
ISBN# 978-0-446-19704-5

From the publisher:
Chef James LaChance has no time for the gorgeous Gypsy who appears at his restaurant with a mysterious agenda. But women inspire his delectable menus, and after one kiss from this temptress he creates his boldest dish ever. With her on his side--and in his bed--his restaurant could earn its third star. But is success worth losing his heart to a woman who has sworn off love forever?

Amy Burns is a Gypsy with a gift: she can name a person's One True Love. To keep her mystical power, she can never fall in love herself--a price she's more than willing to pay. Until she meets the sexy chef whose talents in the kitchen are only surpassed by his talents in the bedroom. But is any man worth giving up the only gift she's ever had? As desire leads to passion, Amy must choose between her destiny and the man who leaves her...

My thoughts:
Amy Burns has had a wonderful gift since she was a little girl, the ability to touch someone and tell them the name of their One True Love. When this gift leaves her for someone new, Amy spends her days tracking down the new recipient. What she finds at the end of her search are James, an attractive man who could pose a threat to her future, and Troy, the abandoned son of the woman she seeks.

James LaChance is a chef and two star restaurant owner who knows he has found his match in Amy. She’s a wild Gypsy who can fuel his imagination with a kiss, but Amy has her own agenda and James can’t do much more than show her how things could be between them. In the end Amy will have to make a big decision, and that’s a difficult choice for a woman who had decided long ago never to fall in love.

Ms. Holquist keeps readers engaged with an ever evolving romance that’s anything but simple. The protagonist is surrounded by secrets that are slowly revealed throughout the story, adding to the building suspense. The author did a fabulous job in defining her characters, and each scene is easy to visualize. There were a few secondary characters that I would have liked a clearer understanding on the roles they played, but in the end they’re no longer relevant because the romance is where much of the plot focuses. If you’re looking for a romance with enchanting characters, mouthwatering food and a delightful splash of the paranormal, then Hungry for More is just the right book for you.

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Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


Christine said...

This novel sounds really interesting and so unique! Thanks so much for the review--I'm adding this one to my wish list!

jessewave said...

Hi Kimberly

So, not only is this book a terrific romance but it also offers mouthwatering food? Sold!

Kimberly Swan said...

Christine - It was definitely unique, and a very enjoyable read. Thanks for stopping by, hope you get a chance to read it. :)

JesseWave - Yes, James has a French restaurant and the story takes us to the kitchen quite often. *grin*