Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Review - In the Blood by Adrian Phoenix

In the Blood
Adrian Phoenix
Pocket Books
December 30, 2008
ISBN# 978-1-4165-4145-5

Book Blurb:
Vampire. Rock star. Begotten son of the fallen angel Lucien. Dante Baptiste still struggles with nightmares and seizures, searching for the truth about his past. It is a quest as seductive as his kiss, as uncontrollable as his thirst, and as unforgiving as his determination to protect one mortal woman at any cost.

FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace now knows the extent of the Bureau corruption that surrounds her, but worries she is losing the battle. And when Dante and his band Inferno come to Seattle on tour, Heather can't help but be drawn back to the beautiful, dangerous nightkind. But what Heather and Dante don't know is that new enemies lurk in the shadows, closer than they think...and even deadlier than they fear.

Shadowy government forces have pledged to eliminate all loose ends from Project Bad Seed -- and Heather and Dante are at the top of the list. Elsewhere, the Fallen gather in Gehenna, intent on finding their long-awaited savior, the True Blood nightkind whom Lucien DeNoir would die to protect. And a damaged and desperate adversary, with powers as strange and perilous as Dante's own, plots to use Dante as a pawn in a violent scheme for revenge. But only one of these lethal forces holds the key to Dante's past -- a key that could finally unlock the secret of his birth and the truth of his existence...or destroy him completely.

My thoughts:
Dante Baptiste and his band, Inferno, are on tour and their next stop is Seattle. In the aftermath of the Project Bad Seed discovery, Dante continues to struggle against his personal demons. As he digs into the mysteries of his past, the Fallen discover the existence of a True Blood, and it’s just a matter of time before they use Lucien to track him down.

Heather Wallace seeks answers from her own past and has little choice but to remain guarded when it comes to trusting her colleagues in the FBI. While Dante coming to town is an opportunity to spend a little time together, they may make an easier target for those who still wish to destroy them for what they know. Their lives are in more danger than ever.

This is the second book in the series and Ms. Phoenix continues to provide all of the action, suspense and chemistry that readers found in the first installment. In the Blood has plenty of unexpected twists to keep fans hooked and looking forward to seeing where the characters take us in book three.

To learn more about In the Blood, please visit Ms. Phoenix’s website: Here

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


SciFiGuy said...

Just as well this isn't out until the end of the month. My reading card is full until then . . .

Kimberly Swan said...

I know what you mean! Extra busy this time of year. :)

Enchanted by Books said...

Ah it's like every popular series and author out there I am behind on! Another one that sounds great. You had a great pile this month!

Kimberly Swan said...

Keep them on your wish list. :) Hey, there's still half of the month left. *grin*