Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Q & A with Linda Wisdom

Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Wisdom here on Darque Reviews. She’s agreed to share a bit more of her time to catch us up on what she’s been up to and what we’ll be seeing soon.

Hi Linda, welcome back to Darque Reviews!

LW: Thanks for having me back!

KS: The popular Hex series, featuring Jazz Tremaine, has a new installment out from Sourcebooks! Can you tell us a little about Wicked by Any Other Name?

LW: Stasi was introduced in both 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover and Hex Appeal, but now she has a story of her own. She owns a lingerie boutique that also features romance novels and isn’t happy that she’s being sued in Wizards Court for alienation of affection since she’s been accused of hexing a customer’s lingerie sachet. And the plaintiff’s wizard attorney is one hot guy who’s equally interested in her. Even more so that there’s red hearts dancing over both heads, courtesy of Cupid who’s not happy with Stasi venturing into his territory. As if that’s not enough, Moonstone Lake that offers the witches centering has been hexed and the townspeople are starting to act like the residents of Olde Salem where Stasi had once lived. Stasi, the sweet natured witch is now showing her steel backbone as she battles more than one front. Jazz, Nick, Irma and Fluff and Puff also make an appearance to help.

KS: Do you have a set number of books planned for Jazz and the gang?

LW: If all goes well there will be at least 16 books.

KS: Last year you had mentioned the possibility of an upcoming young adult urban fantasy. Is that still in the works?

LW: Yes, it is. At least, it’s with my agent and there’s been interest in the work.

KS: What are you working on now?

LW: I’m drafting out another witch book along with going over a paranormal romantic suspense I’d like to see have a home.

KS: What have you found is the most enjoyable part of the writing process? Why?

LW: My characters. They are so much fun to write about and end up people I’d love to hang out with. It’s what makes my work exciting. I’m always eager to find out what happens next since I’m convinced they’re writing the books.

KS: Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers before we go?

LW: My Hex series along with some of my backlist books have been optioned for TV and/or movies and they’re out there hopefully to end up on screen.

Thanks so much for joining us Linda, it’s been a pleasure!

To learn more about the Hex series, you can visit Linda:

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


Marnie said...

I can't wait to read Wicked by Any Other Name - I think I squealed when I read that you have 16 books planned. Yippe! Keep up the good work.

Enchanted by Books said...

Linda I LOVE your series and I can not wait to read Wicked by Any Other Name!! I will read every one of those 16 books!! WOW keep them coming!!! :)

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Marnie! I just hope my publisher will take them all. I hope to write more with Jazz and the other witches are all demanding I write their books.

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Rachel!

It's comments like yours and Marnie's that keeps me going.

I hope you enjoy Horace.


Enchanted by Books said...

Hi Linda
You're welcome! You deserve the recognition for a wonderful series! That would be really cool if the books become a TV show. I'd love that. Does Wicked By Any Other Name come out in March or sooner? I am confused because I think it says it's shipping now on Amazon but it says not out till March. Do you think the stores have it now?

Sharon Lathan said...

So excited and happy for you Linda. These are great books with terrific characters. I am sure we will love Stasi as much as Jazz and Nick! 16 more! Fabulous!!

Cheryl Brooks said...

Sixteen books???? More power to you, Linda! I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas for six in one series! Congrats on the new release!

Linda Wisdom said...

Hi Rachel,

The March books are out early and mine is in many B&N and shipping from Amazon today. I was in my B&N yesterday signing their stock.


Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Sharon,

I figured introducing Stasi and Blair in the first two books make it easier for readers to accept them.


Linda Wisdom said...

LOL Cheryl!

They all want their own books, and we're talking a class of 13 witches, and Jazz has a few to be told.


Anonymous said...

Great interview, Linda. Good luck with the options. I'd love to see your work on television or at the movies.

Terry Spear said...

Woohoo, Linda! That would be so terrific if they could be turned into movies!! Super interview!

Lynda K. Scott said...

Hey Linda! I just stopped by to see your interview (great!). Since I've read Wicked, I can honestly say it's a wonderful story. And Horace is a real...um...character? LOL I can't wait for your next book either.

Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Samantha!


Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Terry!


Linda Wisdom said...

Thanks Lynda.

As we all know, a series can only move forward as long as the readers demand the books.


ChariDee said...

I keep threatening to read these books, but the bookstore I visit (the only one within an hour drive) always seems to not have them! I hope I can get them this weekend when I try again! I love the Q&A's btw!~

Linda Wisdom said...

I hope you get them too! I've had that happen with books I want and probably why I order on line so much.


Enchanted by Books said...

Thanks Linda! I didn't see your response till now. I went out and bought the book the other day. I squeeled when I saw it on the shelf! :)