Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Review - The Path of Razors by Chris Marie Green

A new review has been posted on the website for The Path of Razors by Chris Marie Green. This is the fifth installment in the Vampire Babylon series, and the second in the London Underground trilogy.

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Kimberly Swan,


Michelle Greathouse said...


Thanks for the review. I have read the first book in this series....but I just couldn't get into it. :) I thought the concept of celebrities going underground, becoming vamps and years later coming back into the public eye as a different celebrity was - well, silly.

Maybe I didn't give the series a chance by stopping with the first book. LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed this series. Have a wonderful day.


Kimberly Swan said...

Hi Michelle - I think that if celebrities had the option of staying young forever, a very high majority would take that option even if they had to stop breathing to do it. *grin* The great thing to this series though is that she is breaking it up, so maybe you would enjoy the London Underground trilogy more? :)

Donna said...

I have the first three books in this series, looks like I'm getting behind. :)

Liz said...

I've not read this one, but it sounds reminiscent of this one, "Predatoress: Hungarian Bride," by Emma Gabor, who goes from goody two shoes high school girl to bloodthirsty Predatoress, turning friends into vampires for companionship. (Then later she tries to right the wrongs she perpetrated.)

I'm pretty new to the whole vampire genre and run hot and cold on it, to be honest with you. But my kids like it, and they're sharing titles with me! I'm going to tell them about the "Razors" book and some of the others here. I think they'll like the whole concept. Thanks.

Kimberly Swan said...

Donna - Just a little bit behind. So many good books, so little time. *grin*

Liz - I see why you're thinking along the lines of Ms. Gabor's book, but this is a bit different in that it's a master vamp turning the girls.

There's so much vampire fiction to choose from now outside of horror, so I'm sure that you'll come across some that will suit you! Happy Reading, and thanks for stopping by. :)