Sunday, August 9, 2009

Review - Trick of the Light by Rob Thurman

A new review has been posted on the website for Trick of the Light by Rob Thurman. This is the first installment in the Trickster series. *STARRED READ*

You can also visit the author's page:

Please feel free to share any comments on this book here on the blog post. :)

Kimberly Swan,


Donna said...

The storyline sounds real interesting, with a big mystery feel to it. Like that. I'll be sure to check this out.

Kimberly Swan said...

Hi Donna - More than anything the climax of the book is such a huge surprise! Another for your wish list? *grin*

Donna said...

Oh you know it! At least until Sept. 1st. ;)

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

I have Rob on my TBR list but not this one, it somehow snuck past my radar. I enjoyed the review =)

Kimberly Swan said...

Mishel - You don't want to miss this one! :)