Sunday, September 23, 2007

When Ghosts Speak by Mary Ann Winkowski

When Ghosts Speak
Understanding the World of Earthbound Spirits
Mary Ann Winkowski
Grand Central Publishing
October 22, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-446-58118-9

Mary Ann Winkowski is a paranormal investigator and the consultant to the CBS show Ghost Whisperer. She’s been communicating and working with the dead since she was a small girl. In the first part of this informative book, Mary Ann tells the story of discovering her gift. As a child, her grandmother would take her to neighborhood funerals where she learned to listen to, and encourage, earthbound spirits to cross-over.

Moving on to the second section, Mary Ann gives readers a better understanding of why some souls choose to remain when they’re given the opportunity to cross over. Though the deceased keep the Light around them for several days, if they don’t take advantage and cross-over the Light will leave them. Mary Ann learned to make the Light at will in order to help the earthbound spirits cross. She also explains how the spirits of children are different, delves into the loyalty of pets and shares the reality of evil spirits.

Part three offers a detailed account of what people can do to prevent attracting earthbound spirits and negative energy. Readers will also learn the many signs that you may not be alone and how to deal with these ghosts that have entered your life.

When Ghosts Speak is a true account of Mary Ann Winkowski’s lifelong affinity with earthbound spirits. The stories shared are simply amazing and will have most readers rethinking their theories on ghosts. Well-written, vividly detailed and surprisingly creepy, this is a book that fans of the paranormal won’t want to miss. The next time you think you hear your name spoken in the middle of the night it won’t be so easy to dismiss.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


Anonymous said...

I got this book on Thursday Oct 18 and I was finished with it by Saturday. WOW what a great book. Alot of my questions was answered. I would love to meet Mary Ann, She seems to be a great person that does a great service to the after life and the living alike!

Kimberly Swan said...

I thought it was amazing to realize how much we ignore in our lives that's an every day part of her life. Sounds like you enjoyed reading it just as much as I did. Great to hear that! Did you check out the contest that they're doing? You can read a little about it and go over to Hachette Book's site here: :)

Anonymous said...

While I thought the book was a good read, there were too many inconsistencies and outlandish claims for it to be a factual account other than that of Mary Ann's vivid imagination.

Which is fine. Except that this book is sold as non fiction which, in my view, is not a truthful representation.

Mary Ann appears well intentioned and she may well have a gift. However, as someone with experience in the supernatural, I cannot reconcile her apparent powerful abilities with that of a medium. Quite frankly, I think she's been reading too much Harry Potter.

Kimberly Swan said...

Grace - I'm sorry to hear that Ms. Winkowski's book wasn't as enjoyable for you as it was for so many others. My knowledge of psychics/mediums is quite limited, but for the small amount I've seen there is one thing quite apparent.....each of them have talents that differ from one to the next. :)

Anonymous said...

As someone who not only has MET Maryann, she has been to my home and helped two spirits cross over. To see her do what she does is amazing; she has a true gift.(She could sit there and have a conversation with them and tell me the day to day occurences that happened in my house as told by the spirits. Things she never could have known!) My house is more peaceful, my son is no longer afraid and I can finally get a good night sleep with out being disturbed!

Kimberly Swan said...

Laura - That's wonderful that she's been able to help and make your home a comfortable place to be for you. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. :)