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The Aquarius Key: A Novel of the Occult by Keith Rowley

The Aquarius Key: A Novel of the Occult
Keith Rowley
iUniverse, Inc.
August 24, 2006
ISBN# 978- 0-595-39373-2

Instructed by Levi Kratz to excel in Qabalistic Magick, Peter Williams quickly achieves the goals set before him in preparation for the future. Years later he finds himself at the center of those who pursue the Aquarius Key, and realizes that the power he’s gained may not be enough to save his family.

Bill Williams has put in long years to raise his business to the success it currently enjoys, but the steady life he leads is about to change. What appears to be memory lapses and hallucinations plague Bill’s every waking hour. Then the unthinkable happens. His wife, Sue, has been involved in a bizarre sexual assault that she’s kept hidden from him, and Bill’s been put into the position where he believes himself to be a murderer. Their stable lives are spinning out of control, and there’s little hope of stopping the events already set in motion.

The Aquarius Key: A Novel of the Occult is a fictional story based in part on the writings of Aleister Crowley and those who share similar practices and beliefs. Mr. Rowley presents readers with an intriguing tale that delves into the darker side of Magick where science and mathematics are merely stepping stones to a higher plane of existence. While there are instances of ritualistic sex and rape that may be disturbing to some readers, the events are kept to a minimum and serve a purpose to the overall story. The Aquarius Key is well-written and shared in a way that readers with little knowledge in Magick or Qabalah will have no real trouble following. This story is sure to leave a lasting impression. *The beautiful cover art is done by Hettie Rowley.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

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