Friday, March 14, 2008

Pursuit by Elizabeth Jennings

Elizabeth Jennings
Forever – Hachette Book Group USA
April 1, 2008
ISBN# 978-0-446-61891-5

Charlotte Court’s father has been hospitalized for pancreatic cancer and as she returns to his room for a visit she walks in on his murder. Shot and unable to go to the police, or home, Charlotte flees Warrenton, NY, and finds herself a fugitive wanted for the murders of her father and his nurse.

Robert Haine, CEO of Court Industries, wants it all and when seduction doesn’t work, he’s willing to have the Courts murdered to get it. Things don’t go nearly to plan where Charlotte is concerned, and Robert hires someone to track her and take her out of the picture.

Matt Sanders was a Navy SEAL when he was nearly killed doing his job. After months in a coma and rehab when he awoke, Matt chooses to take his old buddy Lenny up on his invitation to recover in San Luis, Mexico. That’s where he meets his Angel, Charlotte. She’s a woman he’d do anything for, and keeping her safe is only the beginning. With the help of a friend who owns a top security company, Tom Reich, they plan to clear Charlotte’s name and ensure that justice is served. Someone is very determined to stop that from happening.

Pursuit is a romantic suspense. Charlotte’s life is irrevocably changed and she finds the strength to locate a place to stay where she feels relatively safe. With Matt’s help she’ll take back her life and see that the men who killed her father pay the price for what they’ve done. Ms. Jennings takes readers on an emotional roller coaster ride as the heroine runs for her life and finds love along the way. This is an engaging story with plenty of action, suspense and romance to thrill and entertain.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


Wendy said...

Hi, Kimberly! Oooh, I like romantic suspense so I definitely want to read this one.

Great review! :)

Enchanted by Books said...

Hi Kimberly! Great reviews. I've been reading them all trying to catch up on all I've been missing lately. So sorry I haven't emailed you but I've been so tired and busy with work. I hope you're doing well and I miss talking to all of you guys!

Ladytink_534 said...

Sounds really great. Kind of like Anne Stuart's Ice series.

Kimberly Swan said...

Wendy - It showed up for review and I couldn't resist fitting it in. Thanks! :)

Rachael - Thank you! It's good to hear from you. I know you've been busy and I'd bet you're not reading nearly as much as you'd like right now too. Another month or so and you should be back in the swing of things! :)

LadyTink - I haven't gotten to read the Ice series, but I remember when Ice Storm came out thinking I should look into it. I did enjoy Pursuit. :)

T.C. Robson said...

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately! Lots of stuff going on. I've been printing out your reviews so I can read them later, in one sitting. I can't keep up with you! Ha ha! Hope all is well with you.

Kimberly Swan said...

Hey T.C. - Hope it's been good stuff going on for you. Thanks for popping in to say hi, and I do hope you enjoy the reviews when you get the chance to read them. :)

Angiegirl said...

Ooh, this one looks good. I'm gonna have to get a hold of it. Thanks for the review, Kimberly!

Kimberly Swan said...

Hi Angie - It was an easy, flowing read, that kept my attention. There was a sweet romance too, and that's always a plus! Thanks for stopping by! :)