Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weddings From Hell - Anthology

Weddings From Hell
May 27, 2008
ISBN# 978-0-0614-7268-8

‘Till Death by Maggie Shayne – When Kira Monroe receives a call requesting she attend the reading of her great-aunt’s will, she finds herself heading to Scotland to meet the relatives she never knew she had. She also meets the handsome Ian Stewart who captures her attention from the start. It seems there’s a family curse on the women of her mother’s line, and Kira’s convinced there’s a way to break the curse and set the ghosts free. It could be her only chance at love.

Happily Never After by Jeaniene Frost – Isabella Spaga is being forced into marriage with Robert Bertino, a local mafia boss with big plans. Her brother Frazier has disappeared, and Bertino claims to be holding him until their wedding. All is not lost because Chance arrives to honor his sire’s request in stopping Bertino. Once he lays eyes on Isa he’s in it for a whole lot more. Now he’ll just have to convince her that what he is doesn’t make him a monster.

Ghoul’s Night Out by Terri Garey - When Nicki Styx got a call from her cousin, Debbie, she did the right thing by agreeing to be in her wedding. Even if it meant that she had to dress like the Chiquita Banana lady. It’s not long before a ghost pays her a visit and clues her in on how she became a bride’s maid. Someone among the group of Debbie’s friends has intimate knowledge of a murder. Now she just has to get a confession to prove it before the killer strikes again.

The Wedding Night by Kathryn Smith – If Violet Wynston-Jones wondered why she wasn’t happy to be marrying her handsome fiancé, she need only think of Payen. It had been five long years since the night he ran away and never looked back. His sudden reappearance may push her into doing the right thing, but Payne is a vampire child of Lilith, and convincing him to stay is going to take a lot more doing.

With stories from four fabulous authors, Weddings From Hell offers something for everyone who enjoys a good urban fantasy or paranormal read. From ghosts to vampires, sweet to steamy, these strong heroines know what they want in a man and are determined to get it. A fast, fun and entertaining time.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


Unknown said...

Was this a worthwhile anthology?? I get so annoyed with these books because they are usually only 50% good.

Kimberly Swan said...

I follow the new series for both Jeaniene Frost and Terri Garey, so that would have made it worth it for me. Maggie Shayne's story is a sweet paranormal romance and Kathryn Smith's story is historical vampire romance. :)