Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Down Home Zombie Blues by Linnea Sinclair

The Down Home Zombie Blues
Linnea Sinclair
Bantam Books
November 27, 2007
ISBN# 978-0-553-58964-1

Homicide Detective Sergeant Theo Petrakos is perplexed by the mummified corpse they’ve found. With little evidence, the odd laptop found at the scene is an important lead in unraveling the mystery of the victim. With no one else available, transporting it falls in Theo’s lap. It’s not long before he sees first hand what did the killing, but it’s a bit more difficult to swallow that the creatures aren’t from Earth. Meeting the beautiful starship Commander, Jorie Mikkalah, is an eye opening experience for Theo. He soon finds himself fighting alien zombies side-by-side with the alien team trained to eliminate them.

Commander Jorie Mikkalah is on a mission to prevent biomechanical organisms from infesting Florida to breed. She’s also fighting for a captaincy, and if she fails this mission she loses that chance. Theo Petrakos is a Nil, and while it’s against their regulations to expose their presence, Jorie sees that his police training and open mind makes him a perfect ally on Earth. As they fight the zombies and try to locate the C-Prime who controls them, their plans are interrupted by the alien Tresh. The Tresh, having their own agenda, are about to complicate matters further.

The will to survive is a strong motivator, and so are the feelings that have developed between Jorie and Theo. Time is running out to implement their plan. If they don’t act soon and destroy the C-Prime, a new herd of zombies will join the old. Their small team may not have the strength to stop them, but they’re willing to die trying.

The Down Home Zombie Blues is a sci-fi romance that may make readers wonder what could be waiting out there in space, beyond what we can see. Jorie has a mission to complete, and Theo’s just the man to help her save the planet from the zombie’s destruction. With great focus on detail, Ms. Sinclair creates an alternate world where the evils of space have spilled onto the Earth. While initially surprised at the length of this book, it was a pleasure to see how quickly the story unfolded and how easy the author made it for readers to follow along without confusion. The storyline is convincing, the world is well-built, the characters are intriguing and the romance is as sweet as it is passionate. Can’t wait to see where Ms. Sinclair takes us next.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


T.C. Robson said...

Whoa. Very sci-fi, very...confusing. At least to me. But I'm easily confused. :)

Linnea Sinclair said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review Zombie Blues, Kimberly! The book was a hoot to write. And yeah, T.C., it's science fiction. And a police procedural. And a romance. Phew! ::grin:: Maybe this helps: think "Men In Black" meets "CSI: Miami."

See, the whole issue is I'm a science fiction author who's also a retired private detective. And I live in Florida. And people always say, Write what you know! So I did.

Again, thanks for the lovely review and I'm glad you had a fun time with Jorie, Theo and the zombies. ~Linnea

T.C. Robson said...

Oh, okay, that comparison makes more sense - thank you, Ms. Sinclair for the clarification! I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to check this book of yours out!

And as usual, great review, Kimberly! :D

Kimberly Swan said...

Thank you T.C. - it's very well detailed and easy to follow. :)

Hi Linnea - You have a wonderful publicist at Bantam Books, so I was happy to have the opportunity! A retired private cool to be able to use your background in books. I'll be watching for your next adventure. Thanks so much for stopping by! :)