Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Unnatural Inquirer by Simon R. Green

The Unnatural Inquirer
A Novel of the Nightside, Book 8
Simon R. Green
ACE – Penguin Group
January 2, 2008
ISBN# 978-0-441-01558-0

In the center of London there’s an area known as Nightside. For a P.I. like John Taylor it’s the perfect place to utilize his skill in finding things, and there’s plenty to keep him busy. He and his girlfriend Suzie Shooter have just tracked down Max Maxwell to recover an item called the Aquarius Key, and John’s already out on another case.

A DVD that’s purported to contain a recorded transmission from the afterlife has gone missing, along with the man that burned it, Pen Donavon. John’s been offered a million pounds by the Unnatural Inquirer to retrieve them both. The job comes with a catch, and John finds himself with Bettie Divine, a half-demon reporter as a partner on the case. Every big player in the Nightside is out to get their hands on the DVD, and they’ll use any and all measures to obtain it.

Complicating his efforts further is a trio vying for power over Walker, Nightside’s closest semblance to the law. Each wants to be pulling the strings, and they all want John Taylor to back them. It won’t be long before someone runs out of patience.

The Unnatural Inquirer is the eighth book in the Nightside series. For a million pounds, John Taylor takes on a difficult case that draws the attention of some very powerful competition. Many of them are scrambling to see who can lay their hands on the DVD first. Mr. Green pens a fast-paced mystery with a nice bit of sarcastic humor that’s sure to make you smile. This is a vivid tale in urban fantasy that borders on the dark, and will easily draw readers into the world of Nightside.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


T.C. Robson said...

So awesome! This sounds great!

Enchanted by Books said...

Great review!

Kimberly Swan said...

T.C. - Have you read any of the previous books? This was my first one and I totally enjoyed it. Now I want to see what his previous investigations were like, and of course I'll be watching for the next in the series. :)

Rachael...thanks, it was such an entertaining read! :)

Wendy said...

Eeeeeeeek! I can't wait to read this one! I love The Nightside.

Kimberly, you should definitely read the previous ones, I have them and they're fantastic. :)

Kimberly Swan said...

Thanks for letting me know Wendy! As much as I enjoyed this I figured they'd all be good. Let me know what you think of this one when you get to it. :)

Wendy said...

You're welcome! And I'll let you know but I just know I'll love it. :)

Razor Eddie said...

Simon R Green Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
And so does the nightside. His humor is outstanding and his previous books are ASOME. He is by far the best auther i have read. If you like this book you will love his series about Hawk & Fisher

Kimberly Swan said...

Seems like everyone agrees that I need to read them all. :) Thanks, I'll have to read up on Hawk & Fisher because I have a book here that's titled Guards of Haven, but I think that's the second set of 3 books in 1, so I haven't read it yet. :)