Monday, February 18, 2008

Netherwood by Michele Lang

Michele Lang
Love Spell – SHOMI
February 26, 2008

Talia Fortune is the primary shareholder of FortuneCorp as well as a Sheriff. Her job has sent her to the colony of Fresh Havens to find Kovner, an outlaw suspected of sabotage and other crimes. Under her uncle’s leadership, the colony has found itself in a dangerous position and Talia will use every one of her skills to save it.

Kovner knows exactly who Talia is from their time together in the Netherwood as Avenger and Amazonia. What he needs now is for her to trust him and believe in his fight against giving up their souls and becoming part of the Singularity. The Gray Forest is their best bet for survival, but they’ll have to stay off Grid to get there and hope that the forest will welcome Talia as Kovner has.

Netherwood is an action romance with many surprises along the way. When Talia sets out after Kovner she has every intention of doing her job and bringing him in. What greets her on Fresh Havens is a sight that gives her pause, and it’s then that Kovner takes the opportunity to show Talia the truth of what’s happening all around them. Together they continue the fight to save what’s left of the human race. Ms. Lang packs this tale with futuristic action, an intriguing storyline and characters that have you cheering on their fight for survival. Netherwood is an entertaining escape into a fascinating future world.

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


Anonymous said...

I've only read one book in the shomi line, despite having really liked that one book. I'm going to get this book though.

Kimberly Swan said...

I think this is the third one from the SHOMI line that I've had the opportunity to read/review. The first one was Driven by Eve Kenin, the next I read was Twist by Colby Hodge and now Netherwood by Michele Lang. They are all very different from each other, but I enjoyed all three.