Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Review - Prey by Rachel Vincent

A new review has been posted on the website for Prey by Rachel Vincent. This is the fourth book in the Werecats/Shifters series.

You can also visit the author's page:

Please feel free to share any comments on this book here on the blog post. :)

Kimberly Swan, DarqueReviews.com


Michelle Greathouse said...


I love this series. :) I can't wait for Prey - thanks for the review.


Jessica @ a GREAT read said...

Reading it right now and man is it good! If only I didn't have to work I so would be able to finish it today. But who knows. I still might!

Kimberly Swan said...

Michelle - You won't be disappointed! :)

Jessica - Hope you got the chance to finish reading Prey, I know how hard it is to set her books down. :)