Sunday, September 7, 2008

Review - Irreversible by Liz Maverick

Liz Maverick
SHOMI – Dorchester Pub.
September 30, 2008
ISBN# 978-0-505-52778-3

Book blurb:
Katherine Gibbs is engaged. Engaged, popular, gorgeous, and living a life of sheer perfection. This is her best week ever. The trouble is, it’s manufactured. She’s lived this week over and over and doesn’t know it.

L. Roxanne Zaborovsky, Katherine’s best friend, is outside looking in. Once again, Kitty’s life is being stolen away by a man as twisted as he is brilliant. This time, there’s something Roxy can do. The barriers of time are like the walls of an apartment—or the bars of a prison—and they can be demolished. She just has to start the jailbreak.

Walter “Q” Sheffield is hot, smart, and just the man to free Kitty. A time-anomaly specialist, he can split seconds, erase hours and make the most of a minute. The one thing he can’t do? Relationships. But hate and revenge have Kitty trapped in the vagaries of time, and only love will get her out. And that love must be…IRREVERSIBLE

My thoughts:
Trapped in a never ending loop of what she believes is the best week of her life, Katherine Gibbs is a prisoner. Leonardo Kaysar is using her in an experiment, making Kitty think that she’s engaged to the most wonderful man on earth, when in reality he’s more a monster without a care where her life is concerned.

The best hope Kitty has for being saved is through her best friend Roxy’s drive to find a way. They’ve chipped away and tried to break through, but what they need is a specialist. Bringing ‘Q’ into the team to rescue Kitty may be their only hope. He specializes in time anomalies and this is no easy case. Lucky for them, ‘Q’ has decided to do whatever it takes to save Kitty, because their effort may be causing a collapse and once that happens there’s no control over the outcome.

Irreversible follows Wired with Kitty’s story of being imprisoned, and her friends doing all they can to save her. Reaching her is only part of the problem, because they’ll still have to convince Kitty that the happy reality she believes in isn’t where she belongs. Ms. Maverick weaves a romantic tale where time can be manipulated in the blink of an eye, and things aren’t always what they seem. Irreversible should appeal to science fiction readers who enjoy a touch of romance, as the concept of time travel is portrayed in a fascinating way. While this is a sequel, it’s easily read as a stand-alone story.

To learn more about Irreversible and Ms. Maverick’s other work, please visit her website: Here

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


Enchanted by Books said...

I love SHOMI books. I'll be looking for this one! Great review!

Kimberly Swan said...

Me too! *grin* If you enjoyed Wired, you should like this as well. :)

Enchanted by Books said...

I havent read Wired yet! Only ones I've read are Razorgirl and Countdown. MUST READ MORE SHOMIS!!

Kimberly Swan said...

You can read Irreversible as a stand-alone if you don't get a chance to read Wired first. :)