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Review - Key to Redemption by Talia Gryphon

Key to Redemption
Gillian Key, ParaDoc, Book 3
Talia Gryphon
September 30, 2008
ISBN# 978-0-441-01644-0

From the publisher’s website:
In Romania, the estate of master vampire Aleksei Rachlav has become the headquarters for those paramortals who stand against Dracula’s army. And soldier and paramortal psychologist Gillian Key finds herself with a new group of clients. One is straight out of legend—a disfigured, masked man who haunts a Parisian opera house— and who becomes Aleksei’s rival for Gillian’s heart.

My thoughts:
Gillian Key is a paramortal psychologist and a former Marine Captain from a Special Operatives Unit. She’s received a call from Helmet, her boss, advising her of a new group of patients he’d like her to treat. Among them is Perrin, a man who will require Gillian to use skills she’s trained in, but hadn’t thought she’d have reason to use. This could present a serious problem with Gillian’s vampire lover, Aleksei, who has already been kind enough to open his home to her patients.

Aleksei Rachlav is a master vampire who’s working to keep his people safe while he battles against Dracula who has proven himself an evil foe. Even with various governments coming together with the paramortal community it’s frustrating that they’ve been unable to stop Dracula from continuing to kidnap, murder and destroy everyone in his path. Gillian is by his side in the fight whenever she and her team are needed, but her patients are currently taking up any free time they might find to spend together. Her newest case is straining their relationship while it challenges his trust in her, and if he doesn’t find a way to cope with the situation he could end up losing her forever.

This is the third release in the Gillian Key, ParaDoc series. As the struggle against Dracula continues Gillian’s list of paramortal patients increases and one particularly needy patient drives a wedge between her and her lover, Aleksei. The story moves at a steady pace with the introduction of new characters, an expansion of the heroine’s job skills, and the possibility of new threats. Ms. Gryphon entertains readers with her paranormal world and takes Key to Redemption on a side trip that makes it steamier than ever. There’s a nice bit of humor where one particular character is concerned and you’re sure to think of it every time he’s mentioned afterwards. I’m looking forward to seeing where the author takes us in the next of Gillian Key’s adventures.

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