Friday, May 29, 2009

Promo - MythOS by Kelly McCullough

Ravirn, Book 4
Kelly McCullough
June 2, 2009
ISBN# 978-0-441-01724-9

Book Blurb:
In the 21st century, magic has advanced with the times and gone digital. But when Ravirn—a computer savvy sorcerer—is thrown into a parallel world where magic runs on a different operating system, he’ll need mad skills to get out alive.

You can learn more about MythOS by visiting the author’s website: HERE

You can read the first chapter of MythOS: HERE

Kimberly Swan,


KP said...

Reading this now. I really like this series - kinda of like taking the Incomplete Enchanter (De Camp/Pratt) and blending it with Spirit in the Wires (De Lint).
The whole series is great - usually buy these as soon as they are released.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hey Kim.. head over to my place to pick up some awards that I have for you!! hope you had a great weekend!!!

Kimberly Swan said...

KP - That's great to hear! I've picked up the first book (WebMage) and hope to find time to catch up from the beginning. :)

Cecile - It's been a busy, but great week, thanks! Hope yours has been fabulous too. :) I'm headed over to see what you've been up to. *grin*

Wendy said...

I've got this one being sent for reviewing, hope I like it. It does sound very cool, although it's a series but I haven't read the previous ones. Here's hoping I'm not totally lost!

Kimberly Swan said...

Wendy - I'll be looking forward to seeing what you think of MythOS!