Sunday, September 21, 2008

Review - Hex Appeal by Linda Wisdom

Hex Appeal
Hex, Book 2
Linda Wisdom
Sourcebooks, Inc.
November 1, 2008
ISBN# 978-1-4022-1400-4

Publisher’s blurb:
The second book in the Hex series features feisty witch Jazz and her drop-dead gorgeous vampire cop boyfriend in a new installment. On again, off again for over 300 years, Jazz and Nick are finally back together, but then Jazz thinks Nick has bitten her. Separated again, upset and angry, the two of them start having violent, recurring dreams in which each one figures in disturbing and menacing ways. They can’t sleep, they can’t eat, and they finally figure out they’d better get together and discover who’s poisoning their dreams—and their relationship.

My thoughts:
Jazz Tremaine wakes feeling certain that her vampire boyfriend has bitten her, even knowing that her blood could make him seriously ill. That’s just the beginning, because Jazz soon finds herself fighting to save Fluff and Puff, her snarling slippers, from a murder wrap, and someone is out to get her. She has no idea where to begin looking for her enemy, but she’s convinced the answer is there in her suddenly disturbing dreams.

In addition to being a vampire, Nick Gregory occupies his time as a private investigator. Things are changing in the vampire community and some of it he’s not at liberty to share with Jazz, it makes for a sore spot in their relationship. With an unknown force stalking his girlfriend’s dreams, his own dreams are heading in a troubling direction. Apart they may not have a chance, but together Jazz and Nick have the ability to track down their assailant and put an end to it before one of them stays trapped in their own worst nightmares forever.

Hex Appeal is the second installment in the Hex series and is as fast moving and fun as the first. The characters are well defined, the dialog is witty, and the romance is steamy. Ms. Wisdom shares her fictional world populated with fiery witches, sexy vampires and a variety of supernatural beings that are sure to charm and entertain readers from the start. Hex Appeal can be read as a stand-alone, but as with most series books I’d recommend enjoying the Hex series from the beginning.

To learn more about Hex Appeal, please visit Ms. Wisdom’s site: Here

Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews


Enchanted by Books said...

This one sounds so cute!! My friend has the first one so I can borrow it from her. I remember how popular it was when it first came out. Sounds great! Love the cover art!

Kimberly Swan said...

They're both very good, and those snarling little slippers are just too funny. :) I love the covers as well. lol Hope you get a chance to read it soon!

SciFiGuy said...

Another one I completely missed. Always enjoy the lighter side paranormal romances.

Kimberly Swan said...

There's always something going on throughout the books, but there's humor to keep it more light hearted when it comes to Fluff and Puff. :)

jessewave said...

Jazz soon finds herself fighting to save Fluff and Puff, her snarling slippers, from a murder wrap Are Snuff and Puff kind of alive? *g* Never having read Linda Wisdom's books I don't know if they are "familiars" or really slippers.

Kidding aside, this sounds lovely and original especially the dreams, and damn funny too!

Kimberly Swan said...

Fluff and Puff are definitely alive, and they have quite the appetites. lol There are some very funny parts, most of which I didn't share because of spoilers! *grin*