Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Promo - Giveaway - Toni Andrews

Cry Mercy Launch Contest!
(read below to see how to enter!)

1st Place (1 winner):
A SIGG Aluminum Water Bottle and Signed Copies of Angel of Mercy and Cry Mercy.

2nd Place (5 winners):
A Signed Copy of Cry Mercy

To Enter:
Sign Toni Andrews' Guest Book between May 14 and May 31, 2009.

Winners will be announced June 1, 2009 on her website and on Twitter.


Enchanted by Books said...

When I click the link to sign her guest book it asks for my email addy and I put it in. Then I got an email saying I'm already signed up so I went back again and click on Sign Guestbook but it won't let me. It just wants my email addy and that's it. Weird huh? I dont get what I'm doing wrong. I even tried going without clicking your link but it doesnt work on her site either. Maybe too many people are entering?

Kimberly Swan said...

I went now to try signing up and it worked just fine. You must have already have an account for the newsletter. :)

Enchanted by Books said...

So you dont sign the guestbook, just sign up for the newsletter to enter? I still dont see a guestbook. :( I am signed up already for the newsletter but cant see the guestbook to sign it. I know it's not your contest..sorry to bug you. Just having trouble trying to figure this out.

sue14625 said...

thanks for the info guesbook might be at her website

Caffey said...

I love this series!

I went over and just have to put my email in. Is that how the guestbook works? I did that and then got a email and I confirmed it. So there was no guestbook to sign.

I hope I'm in, thanks

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Thanks for the cool contest - as always!!! No, I am not trying to bribe anyone with anything this time... although, if you happen not to sign up because you want a truck load of chocolate.. I might be able to help you out!

Donna said...

Kimberly, thanks for the info on the contest. I've been wanting to check out Toni's books.

Mishia said...

Signed up. Thank you!

Unknown said...

i THINK i got signed up, had to keep reloading page